I will master your full mix tape for only $50 USD!

NOTE: This offer is for “mastering” only, not mixing. Many now a days use the term “mixing and mastering” as if they were one single process. And many confuse mixing with mastering. Here is the difference:

  • Mixing is done with the separate tracks and it includes adding effects, tweaking volume levels, equalizing, panning, tuning, etc. for each individual instrument and or track.
  • Mastering is done on the finished, mixed stereo file and it includes applying an overall EQ (to balance, add punchiness and sparkle and to avoid ear fatigue), multi-band compression (done by frequency range), harmonic balancing, phase analysis and volume maximizing.

To get started send your payment using this button below:

Payment is required in advanced.

Send me your mixed stereo WAV or AIF files for each song to mike@fatmastering.com using www.wetransfer.com. PLEASE DO NOT add mastering plugins to the master track or the mixed file, it will only squash the dynamics, not make it sound punchier. Also, the overall volume level for each song should be around -3 decibels so I have headroom to work with.

Use this contact form to give me any special instructions.

I look forward to taking the sound of your mix tape to the next level! God bless!